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Diffuser 200ml (Floral Bouquet)
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Premium diffuser base exclusively developed by Cocodor. A magical scent that brings back beautiful and sweet memories. Uses high-quality domestic premium fragrances. Contains only ingredients recognized by the national institution. The main ingredient in the diffuser base is a safe ingredient of the EPA (Green Circle Class). Approved certified environmental certification, compliant with IFRA regulations. Floral Bouquet resembles an outdoor wedding in May. It is a scent that reminds you of a woman who carefully puts flowers in a vase while waiting for an old friend. The scent of fresh grass opens the first bar, followed by the colorfulness of lilacs, carnations, and roses. Good for living rooms or offices. Top: grass, lemon, green apple. Middle: Lilac, herb, carnation, rose. Base: olivia, cedarwood, amber grease.

*People with sensitive or damaged skin should avoid prolonged contact with the product.

Use tips: You can adjust the strength of the scent with the reed sticks. When using it for the first time, add 2-3 sticks, and add or remove according to your preference. It takes 3-4 days for the sticks to bring up the scent. For wooden and flower sticks, it takes even longer. If the scent is weak, it is recommended to turn the stick upside down or replace with a new one.


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